Special offers


Viva il dollaro!

For US residents or $ circulating countries...

If you are a US resident or live in a Dollar circulating country you can pay for our rooms in Rome and Florence with 30% discount or more. To calculate how much we will charge you in Dollars take the Euro advertised price and add 10% on top.

How to take advantage of this offer...

  1. Ask for availablity first by using our online form
  2. In the special requirements mention you want the price quoted in Dollars
  3. When you get confirmation of availability make the bank transfer to:
        Casa Howard-Italy
        IBAN :  IT38Q0539025400000078300039
        BBAN : Q0539025400000078300039
        swift : ARBAIT 33111
  4. Send us a fax to +39 066794644 with proof of the transfer and wait for an email confirmation from you

Conditions are...

  • US residents or $ circulating countries only
  • not applicable from 20 March to 20 July, nor from 25 August to 5 November, nor from 15 December to 05 January
  • payment of the deposit is via bank transfer only. Settlement at check-in is in $ cash only (you may pay with your credit card all the extra services like breakfast, wine, drivers etc at standard € rates)
  • 5 nights min double occupancy between Rome and Florence