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Here is a list of Rome restaurants in the vicinity of Casa Howard's guesthouses. Make sure to try these restaurants and cafés during your visit to our Rome Guesthouses...We think good food makes traveling even more enjoyable!
Restaurants at no more than
» 200 Meters
» 700 Meters
» 1 -2 Kms
» 2 -5 Kms from our Rome guesthouses...

at no more than 700 meters from Casa Howard's Rome Guesthouses:

Rome Restaurant Pizzeria Cafeteria: Recafé

Rating: a nice place
Address: Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 35; ph. 06-68134730.
Specialities: "spaghetti alla nerano", "gelatini alla frutta".

Rome Restaurant Pizzeria: La Capricciosa

Rating: very good
Address: Largo dei Lombardi, 8; ph. 06-6878636.
Specialities: "pizza!", "tegamino di melanzane", "scaloppine agli asparagi"
Note: open every day until 12 midnight.

Rome Pizzeria, Restaurant, Wine Bar: Gusto

Rating: a nice place; expensive
Address: Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 35; ph. 06-3226273.
Note: always open; be there early for a nice Sunday brunch (h. 12).

Rome Restaurant: Edy

Rating: very good & a nice place
Address: Vicolo del Babuino, 4; ph. 06-36001738.
Specialities: "cartoccio con frutti di mare", "ravioli con tartufo e taleggio".
Note: closed Sundays.

Rome Cafeteria Serving Food: Museo Canova

Rating: a nice place
Address: Via del Babuino, 150; ph. 06-32110702.
Specialities: "pasta romana", "carpacci".
Note: closed Sundays.

Rome Restaurant: Al Bolognese

Rating: a nice place; also very famous.
Address: Piazza del Popolo, 1; ph. 06-3611426.
Specialities: "maccheroncini al gratin", "gran bollito".
Note: closed Mondays and Tuesdays evening.

Rome Restaurant Bar: Casina Valadier

Rating: a nice place; also very famous.
Address: Villa Borghese, Pincio; ph. 06-69922090.
Note: closed Sunday evening and Mondays; sorry, the place is really outstanding but... the food and service are not. Go there for lunch in the good season (I only suggest "antipasti").

Rome Restaurant: Al Moro

Rating: very good and expensive.
Address: Via delle Bollette, 13; ph. 06-6783495.
Specialities: "amatriciana", "involtini".
Note: closed Sundays.

Rome Fish Restaurant: Riccioli Café

Rating: very good & also very famous.
Address: Piazza delle Coppelle; ph. 06-68210313.
Specialities: "sushi mediterraneo", "insalata con acciughe e cipolla".
Note: closed Sundays.

Rome Fish Restaurant: La Rosetta

Rating: outstanding food; nice place; very expensive.
Address: Via della Rosetta, 10; ph. 06-6861002.
Note: closed Sundays; at 50 meters from cousin restaurant Riccioli; very expensive but also very worth it.

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