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Bronzino exhibition

    At the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence until the 23rd of January 2011

    Casa Howard's Guests may benefit of a special reduction and a no-queue access (just ask when checking-in). We also have an 'Exhibitions Rate' (for online booking only, for both Rome and Florence, 2 nights minimum stay):

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    Palazzo Strozzi is proud to be hosting the very first exhibition devoted wholly to the painted work of Agnolo di Cosimo, known as Bronzino (1503−1572), a Florentine painter who is one of the greatest artists in the history of Italian painting. This unique event is hosted in what has to be its ideal setting: the city of Florence, where Bronzino held the post of court artist and portrait painter to the Medici family, and where some of his greatest masterpieces are currently housed in the Uffizi Gallery and in other museums and churches.

    The exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to explore the history of Florence and the Medici court through paintings of austere beauty and aristocratic splendour. Twenty-nine masterpieces from the Uffizi Gallery, along with pictures on loan from some of the leading collections in the world (Canada, Australia, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Hungary) are on display in seven thematic sections to allow visitors to ponder various aspects of Bronzino's artistic output while, at the same time, tracking his career from his early years as an apprentice through to the legacy he left behind him.

    The exhibition, comprising over ninety works of art and with several extremely precious paintings never before removed from their usual environment (and unlikely ever to be moved again), is devoted to an all-round artist—a refined court painter but also a poet in his own right—whose career represents one of the loftiest achievements of the Cinquecento. Bronzino managed to convey in his work the exquisite elegance of the Medici court with "naturalness" and, at the same time, a kind of icy aristocratic splendour. Visitors can admire virtually his entire artistic output (allowing them to make certain direct comparisons for the very first time), alongside other masterpieces by Pontormo, Cellini, Tribolo, Bandinelli, Pierino da Vinci and Alessandro Allori.

    The exhibition also hosts three absolute rarities, two of which were previously thought to have been lost: the Crucified Christ which Bronzino painted for Bartolomeo Panciatichi, and a St Cosmas which was the right-hand panel to the Besançon altarpiece when it stood in its original location in Eleonora of Toledo's chapel in Palazzo Vecchio. The third novelty is a picture of Christ Carrying the Cross which may be assigned to his later years. A major restoration campaign has allowed many of Bronzino's masterpieces to recover the brilliant hues for which they were celebrated in the Florence of the day, allowing visitors to appreciate them for the very first time in their original beauty and splendour.