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"The Institute hosts scientific and mathematical instruments of Cosimo Il Vecchio, de' Medici and some astronomical instruments which belonged to Galileo Galilei" Abstract from the »Florence museums section

Dear Casa Howard Guests,
We proudly present our Florence Guide for Casa Howard Members; it has been written by the owners, Jenifer and Massimiliano, together with their Staff. You may find that it doesn't resemble any other!
As expected the guide meets Casa Howard's high standards of quality and we promise it will never be distributed other than on this website or sold! Our Guide is solely intended for our former Guests - whom we proudly call "Casa Howard Members".
As a Casa Howard Member you have priority rights when you make a booking, you can download our guides on pdf and access a "confidential" section of the guide - with places absolutely to avoid and secret venues not to miss! Don't forget to check out our Rome Guide as we hope it will be another invaluable travel companion for you.
Meanwhile enjoy our very special Florence guide - which took us no less than 1 year to research and compile!
Kind regards,
Your Casa Howard Team
NB You can also get other fresh tips in the new blog “latest news at CH and surroundings’ where Massimiliano tries his best in providing almost daily news on the latest funny, on-going and juicy events in Rome and Florence, as well as when he happens to spot some nice, elegant, interesting event or object, piece of art, place or behavior, etc which strikes him !