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-- places on the other side of the river Arno --

Florence Trattoria: Cammillo

Rating: good food & also very famous
Address: Borgo S. Jacopo, 57; tel.             055-212427      .
Specialties: "scaloppa capriccio", "cervello fritto' capperi".
Note: closed Wednesday. Here you can meet the oldest Florentine families, the wine makers...

Florence Trattoria:4 Leoni

Rating: a nice place
Address: Piazza della Passera; tel.             055-218562      .
Specialties: "tortelli alla mugellana", "gelato alla crema Baroncini".
Note: closed Wednesday morning.

Florence Bar-Trattoria: da Ginone

Rating: good food, family cook
Address: Via de Serragli, 35; tel.             055-218758      .
Specialties: "rigatoni di mamma al ragu", "budino de Medici".
Note: closed Sunday.

Florence Trattoria: NapoLeone

Rating: a nice place
Address: Piazza del Carmine; tel.             055-281015      .
Specialties: "spaghettini ai gamberi", "tagliata di filetto".
Note: open all week.

-- places on the same side of the river as Casa Howard Florence Guesthouse --

Florence Cafe / Bar: Slowly

Rating: nice ambiance and food
Specialties: buffet lunch; even beverages and coffee can be asked by the customer at the counter; "crostone Slowly", "carpacci" at night.
Address: Via Porta Rossa, 63/r; tel.             055-2645354      .
Note: the name represents the atmosphere of this cafe / bar, where each moment of the day is perfect for feeling "slow": from breakfast, through a morning snack, a light lunch with personal and multiethnical touches, until the day ends in cool happy hours and aperitivo; this cafe presents a new concept of florentine nightlife. Very trendy lounge / electronic music. Closed Sunday at lunch and August.

Florence Trattoria: Garga

Rating: good, original colourful place
Specialties: "tagliatelle alla vigliacca", pasta "il Magnifico", "polpo verace con olio e fagioli sgranati" and other exquisite dishes
Address: Via del Moro, 48; tel.             055-2398898      
Note: it is at apx. 200 mt. from Casa Howard and distinguishes itself for its homely, colourful and lightly extravagant atmosphere, together with its particular and original dishes (Tuscan revisited). Its name is the owner's name and most of the dishes are created by him, some of them in honour of his american wife (see, for example, the "Donna Karan" dish). Closed Monday.

Florence Restaurant / Trattoria: Il Latini

Rating: very good; full of tourists, gourmands and many other people
Specialties: "affettati", "bistecca", "ribollita", of course.
Address: Via dei Palchetti, 6; tel.             055-210916      
Note: very typical, exuberant and rustica, it is unique and has international fame. It has succeded in keeping the best taste of original Tuscan dishes in an informal atmosphere full of people and long wooden tables to favour the strong conviviality of the place between famous and less famous personalities and people. Closed August and late December to early January.

Florence Trattoria: Za' Za'

Rating: good!
Specialties: "trippa alla fiorentina", "pollo alla cacciatora", "baccal alla livornese".
Address: Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 26r; tel.             055-210756      , 215411
Note: this is a very well known trattoria in a very characteristic place in Florence: the Mercato Centrale. Entering the place is like going back many centuries in time, it feels like an old, authentic Florentine "trattorie"; it has a very authentic atmosphere and menu, of course. Closed Sunday.

Florence Restaurant: Da Nerbone

Rating: typical cucina povera
Specialties: "panino con il lesso", "salsiccia e fagioli", "stufato".
Address: Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo; tel.             055-219949      .
Note: it is inside the old Mercato Centrale of Florence, and it dates back to 1870, being the oldest "banco di cucina" (lit. stall), with small marble tables and wrought iron chairs.

Florence Trattoria: Palle d'Oro

Rating: typical Tuscan and Florentine food
Specialties: "ribollita", "cacciucco", "ossobuco", "trippa","carpaccio al tartufo" (dinner).
Address: Via Santi Antonino, 43/45r; tel.             055-288383      .
Note: it is old and within the Mercato di San Lorenzo, dating back to 1860; it serves only Tuscan wines and the simple but tasty Florentine dishes. Closed Sunday.

Florence Trattoria: Coco Lezzone

Rating: very good food & also very famous - family cook
Address: Via del Parioncino; tel.             055-287178      .
Specialties: "ribollita", "arista al forno".
Note: closed Sunday and Wednesday evening.

Florence Osteria: Delle Donne

Rating: good food
Address: Via delle Belle Donne, 16; tel.             055-2382609      .
Specialties: "zuppe", "ossobuco".
Note: closed Sunday, in July & August.

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