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Our Florence shopping Guide (by Jenifer Howard Forneris and Cristina Jacomelli) has everything you need for your interior decoration: Fabrics, Linens, Haberdasheries, Home Decoration Objects and more. A wonderful way to discover the city of Florence while bringing back quality souvenirs for your home or friends!
» Haberdasheries and Textiles
» Home Decoration and Furniture

Florence Home Decoration

Florence Shop Name: Richard Ginori

Type: beautiful and refined porcelain articles
Address: Via dei Rondinelli, 17r; 055-210041.
Note: it is very well known for its high quality and beautiful pieces, which are still made in the Manifattura di Doccia, close to Florence.

Florence Shop Name: Bartolini

Type: kitchen articles, silver and crystal ware.
Address: Via dei Servi, 30r; 055-211895.
Note: it has traditionally good, classic and varied articles for the house and especially for the kitchen, but also high quality Silver and crystal ware.

Florence Shop Name: Ugo Poggi

Type: porcelain articles and ancient and modern silver and crystal ware.
Address: Via Strozzi, 26r; 055-216741.
Note: another important and exclusive Florentine name.

Florence Shop Name: TAF

Type: refined bed and home hand made embroideries
Address: Via Por Santa Maria, 17r; 055-2396037.
Note: textiles

Florence Furniture, Interior Decoration

Florence Shop Name: Flair by Franco Mariotti

Type: Interior decoration
Address: Piazza Scarlatti, 2; 055 2670154.
Note: ...is a good address for lamps, divans and everything and anything for the house. Closed Sunday & Monday morning. Open 10am to 1pm, and 3pm to 7pm.

Florence Shop Name: Casa del Tappezziere

Type: tapestry
Address: Piazza San Lorenzo, 20r; 055-293421.
Note: the variety of textiles is very wide: from curtains, cloths, carpets, bed covers and even mattresses to precious textiles as brocades, damasks, among others, and typical Florentine embroideries.

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