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"Entering the place is like going back many centuries in time, it feels like an old, authentic Florentine "trattorie"; it has a very authentic atmosphere and menu..." Abstract from the »Restaurant section

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What will the temperatures be like when you visit, what clothing is recommended and what will be the typical produce in season, this Florence by Season guide has it all!...
» Florence in the Spring Time
» Florence in the Summer Time
» Florence in the Autumn Time
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Florence in the Spring Time


Blossoming trees, plants and flowers (especially in May), green grass, the sky is full of birds, the air is full of scents; rainy, cloudy; longer days and shorter nights; winds start to change into southwestern, warmer ones; the city's beauty is perhaps at its peak in springtime (the name Firenze is not a coincidence)...

Temperatures and Humidity

Temperatures usually fluctuate between 10 and 25C degrees; humidity: 75-80% average during the year, it tends to increase in Spring until it reaches its highest in Summer.

Night and Day

March: 6:40am to 6:35pm; April: 6:30am to 7:50pm; May: 6:50am to 8:25pm, approximately. Clocks move forward on the last Sunday of March.

Recommended Clothing

Raincoat and umbrella, closed shoes or boots, scarves, sweaters and shirts...but also lighter clothes to put underneath, in case the weather changes into warmer temperatures...

Typical Produce

'Baccelli' or 'fave' (both plur. for 'baccello', which lit. means 'pod' for the shape of this vegetable, and 'fava', fava bean); peas, chick-peas, 'zucchini' (lit. 'small cabbages'), which are Italian courgettes, various types of lettuce, mushrooms such as 'porcini', asparagus, chards, turnip tops, artichokes; strawberries, cherries (May-June); such cereals as barley and oats; fresh, sweet cheese such as 'pecorino dolce' or 'ricotta' start to be made (the pasture season starts in Spring and ends in Autumn)..., 'pecorino' is so good with seasonal fruits and vegetables (it is very common to eat 'pecorino con fave', raw fava beans); this is supposed to be the season of bread (May-June)... for example in the Mugello area there is the 'sagra del pane', where bread is offered in all types and versions possible, with oil, tomato and basil, pepper, cold cuts, lard, chocolate, sugar, wine, marmalades, etc.; the 'quaresimali', or 'biscotti poveri' are typically prepared at Easter time.

Typical Events

Easter, Ascensione, Scoppio del Carro, Annunciazione di Maria and Capodanno Fiorentino, La Maggiolata, La Fiorita; sagre, fiere and feste paesane in the towns around Florence, as, for example: Slow Food walks in the Mugello area, with typical food stands, or 'sagre' of different types of mushrooms; ..of ovine and bovine products, of various meats and cheeses; from the countryside etc...


'Marzo pazzo' (lit. 'crazy March') is a popular saying which stands for the unpredictability of the weather....

Usually in this month the Summer opening hours for shops, markets and stores start, and the standard opening hours are from 9:00am to 7:00-7:30pm, closing Saturdays afternoon (including banks). There still are many stores, private, small businesses that close at lunchtime, that is from 1:00 to 15:00-15:30pm (including banks; even though some of them are starting to remain open), and several others that have different opening hours. Department stores don't close for lunch and stay open longer.

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