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These Florence shopping tips for Florence Markets, Leather, Crafts and Food (by Jenifer Howard Forneris and Cristina Jacomelli) are a wonderful start to discovering the city of Florence.
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Florentine Crafts: Objects

One of the most characteristic (it looks like time never went on) and lively areas in Florence is Santo Spirito, the distric on the Oltrarno (the other side of the Arno), where artisan workshops vary from wood, to jewels (traditional and modern, avant-garde), lamps, metals, various types of accessories, antiques and restoration. Another is San Frediano with its upholstery, silver and glass ware, among many others.

Walking through the streets of Santo Spirito and San Frediano is a real experience in the heart of the city's history and traditions.

Florence Craft Shop: Poli

Type: colorificio
Address: Via Guelfa, 49r; 055-216506
Note: for artists and artisans and for those who love colours and design; here are pigments, chemical products and all types of colours for restoration, ceramics and interior decoration of the most varied and exclusive types.

Florence Craft Shop: Pietra di Luna (Bianco Bianchi)

Type: scagliola objects, also custom-made.
Address: Via Maggio, 4r; 055-2658257.
Note: scagliola was born in the XVI century to take the place of the more expensive pietre dure and marble works; it is made of a mixture of animal glues and colour powders; the mix fills the designs carved in marble slabs or other stone plates; the entire slab or plate is then polished and waxed and the final work is obtained giving the impression that the colourful designs are pietre dure or of other effects (depending on the designs made) such as marbling. The Bianchi scagliola is renowned all over the world because they respect the original traditions of scagliola making, all is done by hand and the works are therefore quite expensive. Important world personalities are their customers.

Florence Craft Shop: Puliti

Type: watch restoration.
Address: Piazza Santa Elisabetta, 6; 055-2302528.
Note: this is a small, exquisite shop, the most ancient of its kind in Florence.

Florentine Crafts: Food

Florence Shop: Civaie Mechini

Type: seeds and grains; food for animals the traditional way
Address: Via della Spada, 52r; 055-2396651.
Note: this shop is more than a century old; they prepare all types of seed mixes and have precious grains as Garfagnana spelt, special beans from other regions of Italy and Amiata mushrooms, among many other varieties.

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