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"Important streets for antiques are Via del Babuino and Via Margutta, which also host art galleries and used to host painters’ studios..." Abstract from the »Rome antiques shopping section

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Our Rome shopping Guide (by Jenifer Howard Forneris and Cristina Jacomelli) has everything you need for your interior decoration: Fabrics, Linens, Haberdasheries, Home Decoration Objects and more. A wonderful way to discover the city of Rome while bringing back quality souvenirs for your home or friends!
» Haberdasheries and Textiles
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Rome Haberdasheries

Shop Name: Enrica della Sermoneta & C.

Type: haberdashery
Address: Via due Macelli, 90
Note: this shop was declared a historical shop.

Shop Name: Di Cori

Type: haberdashery
Address: Via dei Baullari, 14/16 and 4, respectively; ph. 06-6864646 and 06-6869209, respectively.
Note: another historical shop, which started in the XIX century and has two shops: one for selling lingerie, knitswear, pantyhoses, etc. and the other for more specific haberdashery products, such as wool and spuns, among others.

Rome textiles

Shop Name: Lisio

Type: art textiles
Address: Via Sistina, 120; ph. 06- 4880518.
Note: precious art textiles,original and reproduced after original techniques.

Many textiles shops can be found in the Ghetto area, Via delle Botteghe Oscure, on the other side of Piazza Argentina.

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