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Here is a list of long standing Florentine restaurants, those restaurants with a reputation for good food and great ambiance... They may be the best kept secrets in Florence and they’re now for Casa Howard's guests to enjoy!

Florence Trattoria: La Beppa Fioraia

Rating: Good
Specialties: Fresh pastas; pizzas.
Address: Via dell'Erta Canina, 6r; tel. 055-2347681.
Note: It is an old trattoria serving Tuscan cuisine, located in a quiet site on the outskirts of Porta San Niccolú. The atmosphere is nice. It is well known among Florentines. Closed Tuesdays.

Florence Restaurant: Omero

Rating: Very good classic Tuscan food
Specialties: Fresh, homely cuisine, made with extra virgin oil, selections of cold meats, vegetables, cheeses and red meats.
Address: Pian De' Giullari (Arcetri), 11; tel. 055-220053.
Note: It is very well known in Florence because of its food, the beautiful view and the typical small grocery store at the entrance, which welcomes visitors with its aroma of wholesome produce. Arcetri is an old borgo just outside the centre of Florence. Closed Tuesdays.

Florence Trattoria: Buca dell'Orafo

Rating: Good
Specialties: Typical Florentine, Tuscan dishes, e.g. crostini, bistecca alla fiorentina, zucchini e carciofi fritti...
Address: Via Girolami, 28r; tel. 055-213619.
Note: It is perhaps the oldest ‘buca’ in Florence (it dates back to the 1200's) and is underground; it is usually full of Florentines and tourists. Closed Sundays, Mondays and during August.

Florence Trattoria: Da Celestino

Rating: Good Tuscan food
Specialties: ribollita, bistecca di carne chianina (from the Val di Chiana)
Address: Piazza Santa Felicita, 4r; tel. 055-396574.
Note: It used to be a ‘fiaschetteria’ until the XVIII century; it has a longstanding tradition in typical Tuscan food. It is full of tourists. Closed Sundays (November through March).

Florence Trattoria: Buca Lapi

Rating: Good!
Specialties: Ribollita con gli aromi dell'orto, wild boar alla maremmana.
Address: Via del Trebbio, 1r; tel. 055-213768.
Note: This is one of the oldest ‘buche’ in Florence, it is several centuries old and became very known when it was bought by an oste of the Antinori, Orazio Lapi, in the 1800's. It has been visited by many famous, known, aristocratic individuals and serves some of the most authentic Tuscan cuisines. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Florence Restaurant: Sabatini

Rating: Good
Specialties: Sabatini dishes, balsamic vinagre controfiletto, scampi alla pescatora.
Address: Via Panzani, 9a;tel. 055-211559.
Note: A classic restaurant, very well known among Florentines for over sixty years. Closed Monday.

Florence Restaurant: Casa di Dante (da Pennello)

Rating: Good simple Florentine dishes
Specialties: Antipasti, chef suggestions and hand-made pastas.
Address: Via Dante Alighieri 4r; tel. 055-294848.
Note: This restaurant, which is close to Dante's House, dates back to the 1400's, and such artists as Benvenuto Cellini and Andrea Del Sarto used to dine here... Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Florence Restaurant: Natalino

Rating: Good!
Specialties: Grilled meats, fish and fresh pastas.
Address: Borgo Albizi, 17r; tel. 055-289404
Note: This restaurant is more than one hundred years old; it is in a former ancient, small chapel and is very well known for its Florentine cuisine and for the place itself, which preserves the ancient frescoes and its original structure. Closed Mondays.

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