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"Casa Howard provides the charm of a private house with the standard of personal service you would expect from a 5 star hotel." Review by Chic Retreats

Not So Frequently Asked Questions

Quality vs Price? No! In our case we offer quality lodging and a fair price.

Loyalty? We have a unique offer for our registered Members: ‘pay 1 Euro less every time you come back!’ This formula aims to reward and preserve the standard of our wonderful clientele, which in 94% of the cases finds us through word of mouth!

Boutique hotels? There are now plenty of 'boutique hotels', or fake private homes in which everything is created for commercial purposes - In our houses we only feature authentic furniture, objects and memorabilia.

Small is better? Yes, but did you know that small websites like ours are being penalised in the search engines? Therefore you simply cannot easily find small quality lodging on the internet. We hope one day the big Internet players will address the matter of quality versus size.

Fake reviews? Many people may post fake reviews on review-sites like Trip Advisor - sites that aim to mass gather comments with no truth verification whatsoever. Note how negative comments are always anonymous and so guesthouse owners like us cannot deal with the complaint effectively. In our experience, in 99% of the cases, negative reviews are posted by people who were denied discounts.

Exclusivity? A word that is very abused these days! The Casa Howard membership means priority booking and also access to the "secret city tips" section in our website (only people who have stayed at Casa Howard can become members); At Casa Howard we offer our guests really exclusive presentsthat cannot be bought - for example our home-made olive oil from Tuscany and our custom made ecological shopping bags; We also have low season price treats - and they are really appealing we should say!; Our rates do not vary according to markets whims, therefore you can be sure you'll never be cheated at Casa Howard!