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These Rome shopping tips for Rome Markets, Leather, Crafts and Food (by Jenifer Howard Forneris and Cristina Jacomelli) are a wonderful start to discovering the city of Rome.
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Rome Goods: Food

Name: Forno La Renella

Type: bakery
Address: Via del Moro, 15; ph. 06-5817265
Note: it is very well known in the Trastevere area and offers fresh tasty breads, pizzas and similar products prepared right on the spot… the opening time (until late night) is really inviting…

Name: Gusto Italia

Type: gourmet shop / deli
Address: Via Leonina, 76; ph. 06-478 23700
Note: this a very small shop but it is excellent, with the right variety of breads, cheeses, bakery products and wines…, among which there are seasonal products.

Name: Franchi

Type: gourmet shop
Address: Via Cola di Rienza, 204; ph. 066874651
Note: it is an institution in the Prati area of Rome! They have a large variety of eating products, either Italian than international, such as charcuterie, cheeses, caviar, wines, among others, and also a very inviting display of prepared food…. Closed Sunday

Name: Boccioni

Type: genuine Jewish bakery…
Address: … opened within the premises of an old XV century palazzo, built by a rich Jewish merchant in the former Jewish ghetto … in Via Portico d’Ottavio, 1; ph. 06-6878637.
Note: here you can find fresh breads, the challah, pizzas, such pastries as almond and ricotta pies and cookies, among other things. Closed Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday.

Around the Vatican area (in Via Ottaviano, for example) in general is also a large variety of food shops.

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