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What are the temperatures like when you will be visiting, recommended clothing and typical produce of the season, this Rome by Season guide has it all!...
» Rome in the Spring Time
» Rome in the Summer Time
» Rome in the Autumn Time
» Rome in the Winter Time

Rome in the Autumn Time


this season is characterised by frequent raining, an increase in humidity also produced by the warm winds, which reaches its peak in November. During the month of December temperatures decrease due to the cold winds, these being strong and quite frequent, but the skies are bluer and brighter.

Temperatures and Humidity

the average humidity is of 73% and the temperatures fluctuate between 26 and 3C degrees.

Night and Day

6:30am to 5:00pm approximately.

Typical Produce

red meats such as lamb (prepared in different ways and very famous as abbacchio, goat, wild boar, pork, in different rich charcuterie pieces, like sausages; such vegetables, nuts and fruits as chestnuts, grapes, potatoes, mushrooms as black and white truffle; “olio nuovo” (lit. “new olive oil”, produced during the months of October and November), “vino novello” (lit. “new wine”) from the grape harvesting which starts in July-August and the production ending in October; savoury dishes prepared with flour deriving from different grains; seasoned cheeses

Typical Events

sagre, fiere and feste paesane of the “abbacchio”, the “uva” (grape), the “fallone”, a dish made of durum wheat, sausages and vegetables; of the “marrone” (lit. “brown”, roasted chestnut) and of the chestnut in general, the “sausage”, the “gnocchi” (potato dumplings) with truffles or with goat meat; of the “potatoes” with meat, such as wild boar meat; of the “tartufo” (truffle) and of the “vino novello”…; Porta Pia.

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