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What are the temperatures like when you will be visiting, recommended clothing and typical produce of the season, this Rome by Season guide has it all!...
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» Rome in the Winter Time

Rome in the Winter Time


the weather is intensely rainy at the beginning and then it becomes colder and drier, and sunnier.

Temperatures and Humidity

temperatures fluctuate between 2 and 15C degrees; humidity has an average of 74%.

Night and Day

The sun rises at approximately 7:30am and sets at approximately 4:30-5:00pm.

Recommended Clothing

warm coat, scarves, gloves, hat, Winter clothing...and a raincoat or umbrella is always recommended.

Typical Produce

red meats, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, grape… sausages.

Typical Events

sagre, fiere and feste paesane of the “polenta”, the “braciola” (thin beef filet), the “bruschetta” (roasted bread with chopped tomato, basil and garlic), of the “frittella di cavolfiore” (cauliflower crepe), the sausage, the broccoletti, the “ciambella e fagioli”, of the “frittello” (cauliflower, flour, grape and water).. Capodanno at Piazza del Popolo, Carnevale Romano, La Candelora, la Befana, Benedizione degli Animali a San Eusebio.

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