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From useful numbers to have, over to Italian cell phone rentals or Rome bicycle rentals, to transportation information these are the practical information pages without which you cannot leave!...
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Rome Useful Numbers

Public transportation is very efficient in Rome and it provides for services throughout the city and the surroundings, with buses and the metro.

The buses are of four kinds: X (few stops and large distances), U (many stops within the city), C (the suburbs), and the nocturnal lines, which run through different itineraries.

The itineraries are six, being line C the most modern; it will indeed be crossing the entire city and will allow people to reach the best historical and artistic locations more quickly and in a better way.

Metro and bus transportation are integrated quite well, for this reason most of the tickets for buses can be used for the metro too:

  • www.atac.roma.it
  • www.metroroma.it

    It is very well known around the world that the traffic in the Eternal City is very very intense and …“crazy”…, well, Romans drive well, they know how to move in the complexity of the streets with lots of cars, people, lines, loud noises, the ZTL (“zona a traffico limitato”, limited traffic area), and all those infinitely different situations one can go through in a city like that; but… only Romans know how to do it!

    So… if possible, it is really better for all those who wish to know and appreciate the city’s beauties, and have a little time, to take the public buses and metros or a taxi, and not to rent a bicycle or a scooter, because unless they are experts of Roman traffic, the ride could turn quite dangerous…

    ZTL’s are many in Rome, especially in the centre of the city; they allow control of the traffic, parking, etc. and with this system the city also tries to control pollution.

    Taxis are quite expensive but their service is very good and secure. Here are two of the several taxi companies of Rome:
  • Cooperativa Radiotaxi Romana - ph. 06-3570
  • Radiotaxi La Capitale - ph. 06-4994

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