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These Rome shopping tips for clothes (by Jenifer Howard Forneris and Cristina Jacomelli) should keep Casa Howard Rome guests busy! From Rome boutiques for the fashion-conscious to stylish dressmakers and tailors, and clothing shops and outlets this is your one-stop Rome guide to shopping!
» Rome boutiques for the fashion-conscious
» Stylish dressmakers and tailors
» Clothing shops and outlets

Clothing Shops and Outlets

Shops on the Mercati di Traiano area

Note: walking around the Mercati di Traiano (open air Museum) you get the feeling of how Imperial Rome looked with its shops.

Shopping is also a feeling and to go shopping in Via del Corso in Rome is getting the feeling of doing something like a Roman; the walking, the observing, the buying, the talking, the meeting with friends…

In the last few years more young people meet in this area, above all on Saturday afternoon, the perfect day for youngsters to meet and hang around. But from the beginning of Via del Corso as far as the end there are many stores and boutiques, especially for women, the atmosphere is trendy and really worth it to live. Moreover, there are also beautiful palaces and buildings to see while walking along.

The streets crossing Via del Corso are also full of shops, like via delle Carrozze, via della Croce and via Fratina, which, besides hosting beautiful boutiques, are especially crowded with sports and casual clothing.

Mercato di Via Sannio

At this market there is a large variety of vintage items, especially clothing and shoes. Open from morning to lunch time and closed Sundays.

Rome Shopping Center: Mas allo Statuto

Address: Via dello Statuto, 11, between the Termini train station and Piazza Vittorio.
Note: one of the most known and varied shopping centres of Rome with very good prices, abundance of items, usually visited by Romans. Open Sundays too.

Rome Outlet: McArthur Glen Designer Outlet

Address: Castel Romano, 25 kms outside Rome
Note: the most complete designer outlet located in different regions of Italy; the best fashion brands (more than 90 different brands) at very good prices!

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