The comfy Casa Howard makes you feel like you’re privy to a secret address. No overt signage or false smiles to be exchanged with reception,only five rooms and your own key to an unmarked front door.


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Read the comments made by other guests on Trip Advisor. Please note: We unsuccessfully asked tripadvisor.com to demand that unhappy guests sign their comments giving us the opportunity to deal with their complaints. However we recently understood that people who do not sign with their names may post fake or inaccurate reviews because they have been refused discounts or undeserved upgrades. We also noticed that there are plenty of establishment who ‘oblige’ their customers (hotels or restaurants) to post a review before they leave or before they pay their bills!! Which lead to a fairly biased opinion making system.

For your convenience, we also check names of not introduced Guests trough Guest Checker which we report to when inappropriate behaving occur.

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