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"Florentine Pride may come from the fact that Florence is self-made, meaning that important families, like the Medici, were hard working people, shrewd and skilled" Abstract from the »Florentine Expressions section

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Whether your visit to Florence will be extra short or whether you have a whole 6 days to visit our beautiful city, we have created these adapted Florence walking tours with Florence absolute must-sees to a more in-depth discovery. Casa Howard Florence Guesthouse will be your starting point to discover Florence and its secrets...
» 1 Day Florence Visit
» 3 Days Florence Visit
» 6 Days Florence Visit

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3 Days Florence Visit

We assume here that you have followed the one-day visit guide to Florence and that you are on your second day...

» Piazza Pitti, Piazza Santo Spirito and Piazza del Carmine...

Let us start from Ponte Vecchio, crossing the Arno river, go straight on Via de' Bardi as far Piazza Pitti. After getting in the Palazzo, visit the exquisite Boboli Gardens as far as Giardino Bardini. From Piazza Pitti go on the left and at the obelisk, in Piazza San Felice, take the street in the middle, Via Mazzetta / then Via Sant'Agostino, which will lead you to Piazza Santo Spirito. From this same street go on straight, cross the lights and you will arrive at Piazza del Carmine. Getting out of the church, cross the square all straight and take the perpendicular street, which is Via Santo Spirito towards the right, the most important street for artisan activities.

» Lunch Break, Forte Belvedere and San Miniato al Monte...

Keeping straight, at the end of Via Santo Spirito, crossing the lights, you will take Borgo San Jacopo, all straight, and for a lunch break there is the good trattoria I Quattro Leoni in Piazza della Passera. Reaching Borgo San Jacopo again, go straight towards Ponte Vecchio, and keep straight on Via de' Bardi; a few meters on, on the right, there is an arch which marks the beginning of Costa San Giorgio; you will take it up as far as its top; the silent narrow street is also very steep but it is worth it. At the top, indeed, is the entrance to Forte Belvedere, one of the most astonishing terraces above Florence! Inside the Forte Belvedere gardens are always temporary sculpture exhibitions and in Summer different social and cultural activities take place. Next, from Via San Leonardo, one of the most picturesque streets of Florence because it overlooks the surrounding hills full of cypresses, olive trees, you will go up as far as its crossing with Viale dei Colli, you will then turn left and in approximately 10 minutes you will find yourself at San Miniato al Monte.

» Piazzale Michelangelo, ...

Going down again you will be at Piazzale Michelangelo. Before going back to the city, you can take an ice-cream at the bar. From the bar there is a narrow steep stairway which will take you back down to San Niccolo. Aperitivo and dinner at Rifrullo.

While the first two days, for those who can be in Florence for more than one day, should be dedicated as we have suggested to know the city on its whole, and if the time is enough, to visit some of the various museums and churches in the itinerary, the third day could be dedicated to going deeper into knowing a bit more of a few specific things, according to what has surprised and impressed you the most.

Dinner at Il Cibreo.

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