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Each Casa Howard Guest house is a beautiful house (whether an apartment, palazzo or farmhouse) which gives personal service, and where some typically "hotel" ideas, methods and services have been borrowed.


Accommodations in Florence center

 Accommodations in Florence city center will allow you to sty in one of the most spectacular settings of art and beauty, the capital of Renaissance.

Enjoy our accommodation in the center of Florence to have a provileged point of view on many world renowned works of art, such as the Dome of Florence, the Michelangelo sculptures and many other examples of Italian Renaissance magnificence. While living in a hotel in the centre of Florence, you will be surrounded by beauty and history.

A guest house accommodation in Florence center will allow you to visit some of the most important art galleries and museums in Florence, such as the Uffizi or the Palazzo Strozzi, hosting some of the most exciting temporary and premanent art collections in town.

But it's not even necessary to visit any institutional galleryin order toenjoy art form a downtown accommodation in Florence, you can easily appreviate art and beauty just during a stroll in the enchanting streets of Florence, full of genuine energy and pictoresque beauty. Florence art will be alla round you, while styaing in our very central accommodation in Florence.