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Top ten things to do in Florence

See Casa Howard piece of advice about the top ten things to fo in Florence city center, while stayin in this enchanting town for a weekend or a longer holiday.

Casa Howard aims to give you some suggestions about what to do in Florence that are not just the very typical important things, such as visiting the Uffizi Gallery or admiring Michelangelo's statue of David. This short checklist is more about enjoying the little but priceless joys of Florence town, that you might miss if not aware of them.

1 - Eat Gelato in Florence Ice creams shops - Some of them are just around the corner of our accommodation in Florence centerand very traditional, offering the best gelato in Florence, like the Gelateria De' Neri.
2 - See the "Calcio Storico" Tournement If you happen to be in Florence in June, see one of the most exciting sport events in town: the Calcio Storico (historical football) tournement, a 500 hundred-old foot and hand-ball beautiful game played in traditional costumes.
3 - Discover Florence Parks and Gardens - They are many and often unknown, also by the locals. Some of them have a wonderful view on Florence, such as the one in Michelangelo Square. Visit also The Cascine, the Romantic Rose Garden, and the Ventaglio Villa.
4 - Eat Lampredotto - Lampredotto is a sandiwch stuffed with the stomach of a cow entrails, a very special and typical sort of street food of Florence, with a very strong taste. The name comes from the itlian word "Lampreda", (lamprey eel), which has been associated with this food because it resembles the animal's nouth in color and shape. Try the Lampredotto in Via Gioberti, where you can find one of the most popular street seller.
5 - Visit the ancient Pharmaceutical Workshop - Visiting the Florence Duomo, the Santa MAria del Fiore Cathedral, is definitely a must. But not many visitors know that inside the basilica is a real Pharmaceutical Workshop founded by the Dominican friars in 1221. Here, the fathers in their gardens cultivated medicinal herbs to prepare medications, balms and ointments for the small infirmary of their convent and today they continue to use the same traditional methods for the preparation of spices, liquor, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.
6 - Drink Coffee at the Oblate - Florence hosts some beautiful coffee shops. The Caffetteria delle Oblate is one of them, you can taste some here some great food with a unique view of the Florence Duomo and also visit the amazing historical library at the upper floor, and this enjoying culture and food at the same time.
7 - Visit the Natural History Museum - The Museo di Storia Naturale is a treasure of ancient science witnesses, among which the didactic seventeenth-century anatomical didactic waxes stand out for their perfection.
8 - Shop at the street markets - San Lorenzo, Sant'Ambrogio, Il Porcellino, are just some of the historical typical markets of florence city center, selling leather, ancient books, and also the trendiest clothes.
9 - Join the Firenze free walking tour - The original Florence free walking tour is a free walking tour of Florence city, with professional guides that include the "Renaissance Florence" itinerary and the "Medici" Florence Tour, twho very exciting points of view of Florence.
10 - Visit Palazzo Strozzi - Palazzo Strozzi hosts some of the most interesting art exhibitions in Florence, but it's also the perfect example of the ideal Renaissance home apearing, according to the will of Filippo Strozzi himself, as a small fortress in the heart of the city. Every Thursday night from 18 to 22 it offers free admission to the exhibition of contemporary art displayed in the rooms of the palace.