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Casa Howard Special Chianti Tour


Chianti is the place to go if you’re looking to discover the ancient traditions of peasants, the daily work they carried out on the lands, the nature of the olive groves and the famous red and white grape vineyards from which the famous Chianti wine is extracted. When visiting the vineyards you will be accompanied by their beautiful scent - a wonderful companion when admiring the world-renowned countryside of the Gallo Nero Chianti Wine area. It will be a day filled with country houses, farmhouses, castles, ancient villages with narrow streets and landscapes – all an excellent example of its typical nature.

suggested program

10 a.m. Departure from Casa Howard
11 a.m. Arrival in the Chianti area and stopping  in the Town of Greve in Chianti
12 p.m. Driving along the hills  until reaching  Castello da Verrazzano
12 wine tasting session
2 p.m. Back in Florence with the tour having ended at 1 p.m.

A fascinating tour of the Chianti region, world-renowned for its wine and the charms of its countryside where woods, olive groves and vineyards flourish and where romantic villages, country houses, villas and castles of rare beauty stand as witnesses of its glorious past. 

During this tour you will visit two famous ancient wineries of the Chianti region, whose owners are family friends. Wine has been made here for centuries and you will be able to literally “touch” the history of Chianti wine! 

Your first visit will be to the medieval village of Fonterutoli, a working borgo that has been supporting the winemaking business of the Mazzei Marquis since 1435. Fonterutoli produces some of the most highly revered wines in the region, including an excellent Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Reserve.
You will have the pleasure of tasting their wine and having lunch.

After lunch, the tour will continue with the famous Castello di Brolio. Chianti as a region may date to the 1200s, but Chianti Classico as a wine was only born here in the mid-19th century. The Brolio Castle has been in the Ricasoli family since 1141, although its vineyards date from at least 1007; the current fortress was rebuilt in 1484. "Iron Baron" Bettino Ricasoli inherited it in 1829, aged 20, and before he went off in 1848 to help found a unified Italy and become its second prime minister. He spent his days here, teaching – imposing, really -- scientific farming methods to his peasants and also whiled away time by tinkering with grape varieties. By the mid-19th century, he had found a quaffable formula, balancing sangiovese, canaiolo, trebbiano, and malvasia grapes, which was used when Italy's wine governing DOC and DOCG laws were written in the 1960s. You can visit the castle grounds, including the small chapel (Bettino rests in peace in the family crypt) and the gardens, and walk along the wall for a spectacular view of the lower Chianti valleys.

280 Euros
for 1 to 3 Guests including a deluxe car at your disposal for 8 hrs with an English -speaking driver
Wine tasting at Fonterutoli Castle starting from 5 Euros per Guest, to be paid directly
Light lunch at Fonterutoli Castle including 2 main courses, 1 glass of wine, water and coffee
starting from 25 Euros per Guest, to be paid directly
Visit and wine tasting at Brolio Castle
starting from 8 Euros per Guest, to be paid directly