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Ah! The thrill of discovering the city of Florence through shopping! Are you a fan of accessories? How about going Italian shoe shopping in Florence? Don't miss our Florence shopping for accessories guide here below!

FLORENCE Shoe shopping

Shoe Shop Name: Bologna

Type: Trendy shoes
Address: Piazza Duomo, 13r; 055-290545.
Note: They have a large variety of shoes and boots with trendy shapes and original details; the quality of the materials is very good.

Shoe Shop Name: Andreoni

Type: Shoes
Address: Via Gioberti, 107r; 055-680744.
Note: Their items are an acquired taste, a bit trendy and unisex featuring some interesting and good quality boots; they also carry a few pieces by the beautiful Les Tropéziennes brand.

Shoe Shop Name: Gucci, Prada

Type: Fashionable modern, chic Italian shoes
Address: Gucci is on Via Tornabuoni, 73r, and Prada on number 63r; Gucci Florence 055-2645432 Prada Florence 055-283439.

Shoe Shop Name: Beltrami, Raspini, Gilardini

Type: Classic high quality Italian shoes
Address: There is more than one of each shops; Via della Vigna Nuova, 70r, Via Roma 3, and Via Cerretani, 8r, respectively; 055-287779, 055-213077, and 055-212412, respectively.

Shoe Shop Name: Sergio Rossi

Type: Shoes
Address: Via Tornabuoni, 6; 055-284631.
Note: High fashion, sexy shoes with a new interesting designer (Edmundo Castillo).

Shopping for Other Accessories in Florence

Shop Name: Braccialini

Type: The most original handbags
Address: Via della Vigna Nuova, 30r; 055- 288442.
Note: Ms. Braccialini's pieces are unique, a trademark in themselves. She designs different original shapes, animals and things like houses, using different fabrics and accessories.

Shop Name: Ottica Piancastelli (since1894)

Type: Glasses (Eyewear)
Address: Via Porta Rossa, 48r; 055-212348.
Note: Our families used to buy their glasses here...

Shop Name: Calzedonia

Type: Colourful pantyhoses, tights and socks
Address: Via Calzaioli, 78r; 055-211485.
Note: This shop is for people who like to play with colours; nice fabrics; they also sell very nice bathing suits. They have a lot of shops in town.

Shop Name: Intimissimi

Type: Underwear
Address: Via Calzaioli, 99r; 055-2302609.
Note: The place to buy modern, comfortable, everyday but also elegant underwear, long underwear and sleepwear; lovely fabrics. They have a lot of shops in town.

Shop Name: Borsalino

Type: Leather accessories, principally hats and caps
Address: Via della Vigna Nuova, 60; 055-295431 / 2656124.
Note: It is a well known shop for its varieties of classic, elegant and refined hats.

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