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Take care of yourself in Florence - here are some good beauty centres and beauty shops. We also gather addresses of sports club in Florence should you feel the need to work out...
» Florence Beauty Centres
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Florence Beauty centres

Name: Natural, Homeopathic Pharmacies, Herbalists, Spice Shops

Type: Natural, homeopathic products and medicines, herbalists and spices shops (the ancient grocery shops)
Address: There are several in the city
Note: Many pharmacies in Florence, which specialize in, or at least have, natural and homeopathic products and medicines, because there is a strong tendency to go back to nature, to rediscover the power of natural elements as effective remedies and cures for different kinds of conditions and ailments, and they are particularly effective as preventative methods. There are several herbalists and spice shops as well, which maintain the ancient tradition of preparing, advising on and selling the best natural products for many different purposes. So, for example, while visiting Florence you could have a cold or sore throat, so why not easily visit one of those pharmacies and ask the pharmacist about the best products to heal or cure them and prevent them in the future, the pharmacist will be glad to help. And you wish to experience new bath, beauty and general well-being products, it is very pleasing to visit the herbalists and spices shops too...
Tip: Among the most used products today there are for example those that help strengthen the immune system, and the fermented papaya extract (in powder) is said to be one of the best...

Name: Farmacia Molteni

Type: Pharmacy
Address: Via deí Calzaiuoli, practically in Piazza Signoria.
Note: Even though they now serve modern pharmacy products, this pharmacy is one of the oldest in Italy, having been opened for the first time in the XIII century, and having a diamond as its symbol... It also became a pharmaceutical/chemical laboratory. Today, it is open 24 hours a day.

Name: Farmacia Munstermann

Type: Specialized in homeopathic and galenic products
Address: Piazza Goldoni, 2/r; tel. 055-210660.
Note: This pharmacy takes its name from the original owner, the German Munstermann, who founded it at the end of the XIX century. The original products were introduced by the pharmacist himself. They also offer natural beauty products.

Name: Farmacia del Cinghiale

Type: Natural products for health and beauty.
Address: Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, 4/r; tel. 055-282128
Note: This pharmacy was founded in the XVIII century by one of the creators of the modern chemistry schools. It even hosted intellectuals and poets in the XIX century

Name: Farmacia Santissima Annunziata

Type: Preparation of high quality and personalized galenic, hygiene and skincare products.
Address: Via dei Servi, 80/r; tel. 055-210738
Note: This pharmacy became such in the XVI century, on the base of a prior spezieria conducted by the Benedictine nuns...

Name: Farmacia Roma

Type: Traditional products and medicines and natural, homeopathic products for personal hygiene, skincare and infants.
Address: P.zza Madonna Aldobrandini, 17/r; tel. 055-211980
Note: It was founded in the XVI century and later in time it hosted artists and writers. In those times, its name was Farmacia London because outside it was a characteristic XIX century London lamp

Name: Antica Profumeria Inglese

Type: Pharmacy, perfume store; aesthetics centre on the first floor
Address: Via Tornabuoni, 97/r; tel. 055-289748, 294743
Note: This pharmacy is one of the most prestigious in Florence; it offers a large variety of high quality products for health and beauty, from the most modern to the most traditionally prestigious, and of course natural products. At the aesthetics centre they offer such services as manicures, pedicures, face and body treatments including peeling, all types of massage (for toning, firming, draining and energy) also for men, specific draining treatments, face and body solarium and also make-up... the ambience is elegant and refined.

Name: Erboristeria KER

Type: Pharmacy, herbalistís shop
Address: Via Gioberti, 88/r; tel. 055-672169
Note: This pharmacy is the modern complement to the Farmacia SS. Annunziata, at the same time ensuring that the traditional methods of production are respected. They have their original cosmetic products, which are distributed in different pharmacies in Italy and around the world.

Name: Sephora

Type: Beauty and skin care store
Address: Via Martelli,10; tel. 055-2381922
Note: Really a world of varieties of beauty, face and skin care, hair, body products, fragrances, from the... almost cheapest to the most expensive ones!

Name: Aline (Profumeria)

Type: Perfume store...
Address: Via Calzaiuoli, 6; tel. 055-219073
Note: ...but they also have beauty and skin care products of the finest brand names, such as La Prairie, Helena Rubinstein and La Mer; during the year they offer beauty treatments to their special customers with specialists coming directly from these houses (Clarins, La Prairie, Chanel...); Aline is Florentine and has seven stores in this city.

Name: Trompe L'oeil

Type: Small perfume store
Address: Borgo San Jacopo (from Ponte Vecchio, a few meters on the left sidewalk)
Note: They have a few items of different exclusive French trademarks such as L'Occitane and Comptoir Sud Pacifique...

Name: Marionnaud

Type: Perfumes store
Address: Via Nazionale, 108/r; tel. 055-213317; Via delle Panche, 52/A; tel. 055-430104; and four more in this city.
Note: This store is one of the leaders in Europe; besides a good variety of perfumes of the most famous brand names, they have make-up products of the best trademarks and body products such as Acquolina, which is very particular because of their original and strong realistic smells of fruits, sweets and... desserts (Creme caramel...).

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