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Here is a list of long standing Roman restaurants, those restaurants with a reputation for good food and great ambiance... They are maybe the best kept secrets in Rome and now for Casa Howard's guests to enjoy!

Rome Trattoria: Casetta di Trastevere

Rating: very good cuisine
Characteristics: a picturesque trattoria facing the Piazzetta di Trastevere, within the balconies, windows and hanging clothes, typical of this district.
Address: Piazza de’ Rienzi, 31/a – 32; ph. 06-5800158
Note: it is better to make reservations.

Rome Trattoria: Perilli

Rating: very good typical Roman cuisine
Characteristics: the trattoria is located within one of the most picturesque districts of Rome, the Testaccio; it is said to be the most ancient trattoria of Rome and its cuisine reflects the roots of Roman tradition with the “pajata”, the “abbacchio” and the “carciofi alle giudia”.
Address: Via Marmorata, 39; ph. 06-5742415.
Note: all is home made; it is closed on Wednesdays and it is better to make reservations.

Rome Taverna Flavia

Rating: very good fish specialties…
Characteristics: …but other such Roman dishes as “ravioli di ricotta” are very good; the Taverna is very well known amongst the high society and political world. Good wines.
Address: Via Flavia 9; ph. 064745214.
Note: reservations recommended.

Rome Ristorante La Cisterna

Rating: very good
Specialties: “risotto all'Ammiraglia”, “agnolotti alla Trasteverina”, “filetto di tacchino alla Trilussa”, “mazzancolle alla Luciana”. Cantina Vini
Address: Via della Cisterna, 13; ph. 06-5812543.
Note: its origins date back to the XVII century; closed Sundays.

Rome Ristorante Alfredo

Rating: excellent…
Specialties: …”fettuccine all’Alfredo”, the real and only ones.
Address: Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 30; ph. 06-6878734.
Note: reservations recommended.

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