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Here is a list of Rome restaurants in the vicinity of Casa Howard's guesthouses. Make sure to try these restaurants and cafés during your visit to our Rome Guesthouses...We think good food makes traveling even more enjoyable!
Restaurants at no more than
» 200 Meters
» 700 Meters
» 1 -2 Kms
» 2 -5 Kms from our Rome guesthouses...

at no more than 200 meters from Casa Howard's Rome Guesthouses:

Rome Trattoria: Nino

Rating: very good & also very famous.
Address: Via Borgognona, 11; ph. 06-6786752; Spanish Steps, behind the newspaper stand, 120 meters.
Specialities: "ascè", "fagiolini al fiasco", "ovuli” and truffle salad.
Note: best price/quality in Rome. Closed on Sunday.

Rome Trattoria: Al 34

Rating: very good.
Address: Via Mario dè Fiori, 34; ph. 06-6795091. Spanish Steps, take Via Condotti, turn 2nd right and continue 80 meters.
Specialities: "abbacchio", "fagioli al fiasco".
Note: closed on Monday.

Rome Restaurant: Mario

Rating: very good.
Address: Via della Vite, 55; ph. 06-6783818. Spanish Steps, take Via Condotti, third on the right.
Specialities: "pappardelle alla lepre", "cinghiale in umido".
Note: closed on Sunday.

Rome Restaurant - Wine bar: Moma

Rating: very good.
Address: Via San Basilio, 42; ph. 06-42011798. Piazza Barberini, up Via Veneto, turn 3rd on the right, right again.
Specialities: "carbonara ai carciofi", "fois gras alle cipolle rosse".
Note: a very young lady cook with quite a future ahead of her. Closed on Sunday.

Rome Fish Restaurant: Corsaro

Rating: very good and expensive.
Address: Via del Boccaccio, 6; ph. 06-4817915. From Via Sistina: Piazza Barberini, down via del Tritone - or from via Capo le Case: turn left on Via Due Macelli toward the tunnel, left up Via del Tritone, cross other side, second on the right.
Specialities: "zuppettina con pesci", "frutti di mare".
Note: closed on Sunday.

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