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The most significant and important areas for jewellery in Florence are Ponte Vecchio and its surroundings. Goldsmiths and jewellery traditions are ancient, the variety of skills, creative abilities and long experience certainly make Florentine jewellery unique in the world and throughout history. In this fascinating world antiquity and modernity mix beautifully. Below is only a small list of some of the most noteworthy jewellers in Florence...

Florence Jewellers' Name: Barducci

Type: Classic elegant Florence jewellery
Address: Via Strozzi, 22; 055-2302322.
Note: This is one of the best Jeweler in Florence. Mr. Lorenzo Barducci himself is Florentine and has the exclusivity for Cartier in Florence.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Cassetti

Type: Jewellery.
Address: Ponte Vecchio, 54r; 055-287361.
Note: They have beautiful jewels and also carry Bulgari jewels.

Florence Jewellers' Name: La Bottega dell' Orafo

Type: Goldsmith, jewellery
Address: Via Della Mosca, 11r; 055-289509.
Note: With traditional skills.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Chilleri

Type: Goldsmith, modern and custom-made jewellery.
Address: Borgo San Jacopo, 5; 055-2398645.
Note: They skilfully and passionately work on a variety of pieces also making modern and custom-made jewels; we particularly like their work.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Cappelli

Type: Goldsmith, jewellery
Address: Ponte Vecchio
Note: They also have beautiful antique jewels.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Torrini

Type: Jewellery
Address: Piazza del Duomo, 10r; 055-2740849.
Note: More classic and hand made jewels.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Ugo Piccini

Type: Jewellery and goldsmith
Address: Via Por Santa Maria, 9r; 055-214511.
Note: Varieties of watch brands and jewel watches.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Fratelli Piccini

Type: Goldsmith, jewellery
Address: Ponte Vecchio, 21-23r; 055-294768.
Note: Precious metal and stone jewels.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Fani

Type: Goldsmith, jewellery
Address: Via Tornabuoni, 101r; 055-212075.
Note: Creative, original pieces with smooth lines too, in precious metals like gold and platinum and also precious stones.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Gherardi

Type: Jewellery
Address: Ponte Vecchio, 8r; 055-287211.
Note: We like their pietre dure jewels, for example.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Argentieri Pagliai

Type: Restores antiques and silverware for the home.
Address: Borgo San Jacopo, 41r; 055-282840.
Note: They have a large variety of elegant, refined silverware, such as home accessories, frames, chandeliers, various objects, etc.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Pestelli

Type: Goldsmith
Address: Borgo SS. Apostoli, 20r; 055-2302488.
Note: They also specialize in restoration of precious objects for museums, with experience acquired at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Anna Maria Cammilli

Type: Goldsmith, jewel creator
Address: Via Fornaccio, 46, Vallina, Bagno a Ripoli (Florence); 055-696276.
Note: She has been creating jewels for more than thirty years and her style is inique: she is widely known in the jewellery world for her floral designs. Her jewels are also sold to shops.

Florence Jewellers' Name: Pianegonda

Type: Jewellery
Address: Via Calzaioli, 96r; 055-214941.
Note: This young designer is from Padova but he has shops all over Italy and the world. We like his modern, mainly silver designs which have become a trademark (for example the elongated heart shape).

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