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"Entering the place is like going back many centuries in time, it feels like an old, authentic Florentine "trattorie"; it has a very authentic atmosphere and menu..." Abstract from the »Restaurant section

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What will the temperatures be like when you visit, what clothing is recommended and what will be the typical produce in season, this Florence by Season guide has it all!...
» Florence in the Spring Time
» Florence in the Summer Time
» Florence in the Autumn Time
» Florence in the Winter Time

Florence in the Summer Time


Very bright sun and skies, very long days and short nights, with beautiful long intense-red sunsets; southwestern, warm winds; very little rain as July is the month with the least rain; the air is full of sounds of Summer insects such as crickets and cicadas...and is filled with flying pollen..; warm-hot, sometimes suffocating, air; more silence around in the city; colourful countryside and green trees, but the grass, flowers and plants tend to dry up when temperatures rise significantly.

Temperatures and Humidity

75-80% average during the year, it tends to increase in Spring until it reaches its highest in Summer (it can reach 90C degrees and more) temperature in general fluctuates between 23C and 36C degrees, approximately.

Night and Day

June: 5:40am to 8:50pm; July: 5:50am to 8:40pm; August: 6:20am to 8:10pm, approximately.

Recommended Clothing

Comfortable Summer clothing; very comfortable shoes, especially if the walking is prolonged, the dry, warm/hot weather may lead to blisters and swollen feet and legs.

Typical Produce

Peppers, tomatoes, green and white beans, 'barbine rosse' (red small beets), 'fiori' (cabbage flowers), onions, basil; cucumber, musk melon, peaches (the yellow one, a type called 'pesca cotogna', principally found in and around Florence, is commonly eaten fresh, prepared as marmalade or in red wine with sugar), apricot, certain types of pears and apples, figs, plums; fresh, sweet cheese such as 'pecorino dolce' or 'ricotta' as being 'pecorino' is so good with seasonal fruits vegetables and marmalades...

Typical Events

Festa di Sant'Anna, protector of the Liberty of the city of Florence, Calcio in Costume, Rificolona, Ferragosto, Festa di San Lorenzo, Festa di San Giovanni; sagre, fiere and feste paesane in the towns around Florence, as for example those regarding agriculture on and artisanships, which usually last from Spring to Autumn, featuring arts, and ceramics and leather goods....


June is the month of weddings...the month of the fiori d'arancio, the orange blossoms...

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