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"Entering the place is like going back many centuries in time, it feels like an old, authentic Florentine "trattorie"; it has a very authentic atmosphere and menu..." Abstract from the »Restaurant section

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What will the temperatures be like when you visit, what clothing is recommended and what will be the typical produce of the season, this Florence by Season guide has it all!...
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Florence in the Winter Time


Snow is not common in Florence, due to the characteristic location and humidity; open areas such as 'lungarno' (along the river) and the hills around the city, are exposed to a cold wind; December is supposed to be the most cloudy month of the year; rains are irregular; days are very short and nights very long; trees and plants look like they are 'sleeping' and waiting for the new Spring, except for those which are at their blossoming or ripen only in Winter... the grass keeps its green colour, regularly covered by dewdrops in the morning...

Temperatures and Humidity

Temperatures usually fluctuate between 5C and 15C degrees, especially in January and February; humidity: 75-80% average during the year, it tends to decrease in Autumn and Winter.

Night and Day

December: 7:30am to 16:45pm; January: 7:35am to 5:10pm; February: 7:10am to 5:45pm, approximately.

Recommended Clothing

Warm coat, scarves, gloves, hat, Winter clothing...and a raincoat or umbrella is always recommended.

Typical Produce

Chicory, fennel, cabbage, cauliflower, savoy, Brussel sprouts, red and black cabbage, red onion; sweet pears (certain types of pears), apples (certain types); such cereals as wheat and rye; citrus fruits such as oranges and 'mandarini' (tangerines); dry or 'stagionato' cheese, such as 'pecorino', which is so good with grapes, for example...; game (the hunting season is in Autumn and Winter), for example 'cinghiale' (wild boar), 'lepre' (hare), 'fagiano' (pheasant), which are prepared in sauces and as main courses...; the 'cenci', 'schiacciata alla fiorentina' and 'frittelle di riso' (fried rice balls) are typically prepared for Carnival..

Typical Events

Christmas, Carnevale, Cavalcata dei Magi, Epifania; sagre, fiere and feste paesane in the towns around Florence, especially Christmas fairs...

In Piazza Santa Croce there is the traditional Christmas market from the middle of December: Christmas decorations, typical food, sweets, liquors, beers and wines are displayed...and there are also shows and cultural events, such as the famous flag wavers... From the end of December to the first week of January another Christmas market takes place in Piazza Santissima Annunziata...


Florence at Christmas has a new atmosphere of festivity.

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