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Specialty Restaurants, Cafés, Bars, Wine and Food tasting... Are you out to give your taste buds a thrill? Then this is the list for you: Here are enough tips to make our gourmands guests have a fantastic gastronomic tour of Florence!

Chocolate House: Vestri

Rating: Very good hot and cold chocolate
Address: Borgo Albizi, 11; tel. 055-2340374.
Specialties: A glass of hot chocolate with red peppers

Restaurant: Enoteca Pinchiorri

Rating: Very good
Specialties: Grilled scallops with fresh chopped tomatoes and capers, asparagus with slices of smoked sea bass or in a cream parmesan sauce, fried goats cheese with thin slices of mango and chillies.
Address: Via Ghibellina, 87; tel. 055-242777.
Note: The best restaurant in Florence among the very refined and expensive establishments, it is known all over the world and is one of the best in Europe; extremely expensive, with an excellent cantina boasting the best and most expensive wines and with nouvelle cuisine dishes using the finest ingredients. Closed Sunday and Monday and during August. Tuesday only open for dinner.

Cafe / American Bar: Negroni

Rating: Good
Specialties: Its aperitifs.
Address: Via dei Renai 17/r tel. 055-243647
Note: This cafe / bar is one of the best 'happy hour' lounges in Florence and is an interesting places for meeting new people. This café / bar was created in the same place where ‘Amici Miei’, one of the best known and loved bars, used to be. It was so famous for its ambiance among true Florentines that a famous Italian film was shot there at the time. Negroni serves tasty aperitifs in an artful environment and offers a good crowd. It also serves a light lunches and dinners. It never closes and is open almost 24 hours a day, except on Sundays.

Pasticceria: Robiglio

Rating: One of the best confectioners in Florence
Specialties: Hand-made chocolates (e.g. alkekengi pralines), a significant variety of vanilla, ciocolate, hazelnut, zabaione and coffee cream pastries.... Maddalene, cannoli and cakes (e.g. Fruttodoro, the golden fruit and Torta Primavera, the spring cake).
Address: Via dei Servi, 112/r; tel. 055-212784.
Note: It is a traditional family confectionary, which since 1928 has been is dedicated to creating all kinds of wholesome and delicious pastries.

Gelateria / Pasticceria: Badiani

Rating: The best gelateria in Florence
Specialties: The best Buontalenti and crema ice-creams, gelato al bacio.
Address: Viale dei Mille, 20/r; tel. 055-578682
Note: Perfect classic ice-creams make it, in our opinion, the best gelateria in Florence. Although its location is a little far from Casa Howard (2.9 Km. on foot), its ice-creams will never be forgotten; all the rest is good too.

Trattoria: Antico Fattore

Rating: Average; inspirational environment
Specialties: Old traditional Florentine trattoria, where twentieth century artists (e.g. De Chirico, Carre), journalists and arts critics used to meet and enjoyed interesting conversations and good traditional food.
Address: Via Lambertesca 1/3r; tel. 055-288975
Note: closed Sundays and late July to early August.

Restaurant: La Fondue Edel Kitsch

Rating: good
Specialties: Moitie-Moitie and Friburg cheese, Buorguignonne and Chinoise fondues, and Raclette; late night chocolate fondues...
Address: Via della Fonderia 1r; tel. 055-2286006.
Note: It's only open for dinner. A stylish, warm place with a mix of Murano coloured glasses and wood, in an edel kitsch style.

Gelateria: Vivoli

Rating: Good!
Specialties: Special flavours, such as caramelised pear, pine nuts, chocolate orange..., but all its ice-creams are delicious.
Address: Via Isola delle Stinche 7r; tel. 055-292334.
Note: It is at apx. 2 Km. The most popular and, for many, the best gelateria in Florence.

Focacceria: Pugi

Rating: Good!
Specialties: The focacceria Pugi has its own original recipe for either plain, all'olio (with olive oil), or with different toppings ‘schiacciate’ and for its focacce and other seasonal items, such as the ‘schiacciata all'uva’; it is one of the best in Florence, along with the ‘schiacciata’ or the focaccia del Pugi, which are a great talking point and tasty snack or merenda to share with friends.
Address: Piazza San Marco, 10; tel. 055-280981.
Note: It is at apx. 1 Km. Its aroma is hard to resist when visiting Piazza San Marco and passing directly in front of it, and its taste... well, just try it!

Restaurant: Momoyama

Rating: Very good, sophisticated ambiance...
Specialties: Japanese cuisine, sushi, sashimi, tempura.
Address: Borgo San Frediano, 10r; tel. 055-291840.
Note: ...different spaces at different structural levels; it has a modern and minimalistic structure within an old building. They also host art exhibitions and presentations. Closed Monday.

Restaurant: Il Vegetariano

Rating: Good
Specialties: Organic food and beverages, pies, casseroles.
Address: Via delle Ruote, 30r; tel. 055-475030
Note: It is also a good restaurant for non-vegetarians, thanks to its variety of dishes, all served directly from the kitchen. Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

Cocktail and Wine Bar: Dolce Vita

Rating: Good, colourful, sensual and modern
Specialties: Cocktails and wines, music, people and art.
Address: Piazza del Carmine; tel. 055-284595.
Note: One of the happening places in Florence for years and always changing; they have one of the best aperitifs in Florence. Good cocktails with ethnic and Mediterranean snacks, it is always full of modern, dynamic and passionate people; great lounge music.

Café / Bar: Colle Bereto

Rating: Good, sober modern
Specialties: One of the trendiest places in Florence for the best cocktails, its innovative lounge music and beautiful crowd of nationally and internationally known artists and fashion personalities.
Address: Piazza Strozzi, 5r; tel. 055-283156.
Note: It is now one of the happening places for Florentines.

Cocktail Bar: Moyo

Rating: Good; ethnochic
Specialties: Carpacci, omelettes, sandwiches and hamburgers, among other dishes; varied buffet for aperitifs, good cocktails (e.g. Moyo cocktail).
Address: Via de' Benci, 23r; tel. 055-2479738.
Note: Beautiful ambiance: ethnic and sophisticated; low lights; very unique bathrooms. It’s open from morning to late at night and is always crowded.

Café / Cocktail Bar: Zoe

Rating: Good
Specialties: Its aperitifs: small pizzas, small varied paninis, crostini, schiacciatine and vegetables; popular drinks such as the Americano, the Mojito, the Spritz (which is prepared with Aperol).
Address: Via dei Renai, 13/r; tel. 055-055243111.
Note: Its aperitifs are one of the best in Florence; the ambiance is simple and trendy. The owner changes the colours of the interiors regularly; it has been expanded and has a nice cow in the small courtyard inside the building. The place is always dynamic, full of friends and locals; after dinner it always gets packed and its lounge music is pleasant.

Café / Restaurant / Cocktail Bar: Capocaccia

Rating: Good
Specialties: The aperitifs: good cocktails, good lounge music, good buffet, very warm and cosmopolitan mood, crowded; please watch the sunset from here, one of the most fascinating panoramas in Florence.
Address: Lungarno Corsini, 12/r; tel. 055-210751
Note: Monday only open for lunch.

Restaurant: Fuor d'Acqua

Rating: Good
Specialties: Raw fish antipasti; spaghetti alla Trabaccolara, cernia all'isolana.
Address: Via Pisana, 37; tel. 055-222299.
Note: Perhaps the best fish restaurant, it serves raw and grilled extremely fresh fish; service is a bit slow; the atmosphere is refined. Closed Sundays, during lunchtimes and during August.

Gelateria: Perché No?

Rating: Good
Specialty: Fiordilatte with sesame and chestnut honey, ginger ice-cream and fig sorbet.
Address: Via dei Tavolini, 19r. Tel. 055-298969.
Note: The oldest gelateria in Florence and it is said to be the first in the world to present ice cream in glass displays.

Restaurant / Gastronomic Atelier: Olio & Convivium

Rating: Good
Specialties: Priced wines, liquors, olive oils, cured meats, cheeses, breads and desserts to buy.
Address: Via S. Spirito, 4; tel. 055-2658198.
Note: This restaurant / atelier offers light lunches, dinners and savoury dishes as snacks. Closed Sundays.

Restaurant: Lo Skipper

Rating: Good
Specialties: Tagliolini of fresh pasta with prawns and lemon, tagliolini alla liparitana, asparagus ‘pici’, calvados beef fillet, fish skewers.
Address: Via Alfani, 78r; tel. 055-284019.
Note: Varied sicilian, sardinian, greek and mexican food, along with Italian dishes. Saturdays only open for dinner.

Café / Bar: Rex Café

Rating: Eclectic, slightly eccentric and colourful interiors
Specialties: Very colourful giant mosaic wall, starry sky, red room... good cocktails.
Address: Via Fiesolana, 23r; tel. 055-2480331.
Note: This place has a free, lively, dynamic ambiance that is appreciated by a cosmopolitan public, such as personalities from the cultural field, but also for the everyday people who love to socialise.

Café / Bar / Cocktail Bar: Giacosa (Roberto Cavalli)

Rating: Good, chic, trendy
Specialties: Negroni cocktail; the place.
Address: Via della Spada, 10; tel. 055-2776328.
Note: An old (it has existed since the mid 1800's) and very famous café in Florence (during the last century, Florentine aristocratic ladies used to take afternoon tea, coffee, hot chocolate and aperitifs here. It then started to offer light lunches too) it was taken over by the Roberto Cavalli's company. It has now become very crowded at night among young and less young and known and less known people, with nice lounge music, sometimes even mixed by Mr. Cavalli's own son when he is here with his friends...

Café / Bar: Il Rifrullo

Rating: Good!
Specialties: It became famous when it started to offer the first aperitif in Florence, changing the concept of a bar; very relaxing terrace and very tasty dinner.
Address: Via San Niccolù;, 55r; tel. 055-2342621.
Note: This has been one of the most known and best café / bars in Florence since the 1970's due to its warm, lively, slightly trendy and colourful atmosphere (and lunch too, offering a special buffet service). Closed Monday nights and two weeks in August.

Gelateria: CarabË

Rating: Good
Specialties: Granite, cannoli.
Address: Via Ricasoli, 66r; tel. 055-289476.
Note: The best Sicilian pastries and ice creams in Florence.

Kosher Restaurant: Ruth's

Rating: Good
Specialties: Mediterranean food
Address: Via Farini, 2; tel. 055-2480888.
Note: It is a small, lively restaurant; reservations suggested. Closed Friday nights, Saturdays at lunch and Jewish holidays.

Restaurant: Acqua Cotta

Rating: Nice
Specialties: Acqua cotta, fried antipasto.
Address: Via dei Pilastri, 51r; tel. 055-242907
Note: A comfortable place like home with traditional dishes; it is worth trying this dish, which literally means cooked water. Closed Tuesday for dinner and Wednsday.

Trippaio: del Porcellino

Rating: Good!
Specialties: Panino al lampredotto.
Address: Mercato del Porcellino.
Note: Street food from the ‘Trippai’ of Florence is a truly unique experience, which takes you back to ancient times; the experience is formed by what you eat, the talking, the queuing, all the components together... This is only one of the several ‘Trippai’ you can find throughout Florence: there are others in Via dell'Ariento, Piazza Cimatori, Borgo La Croce, etc...

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