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You are out to give your taste buds a thrill?
This is the list for you: enough tips to make our gourmands guests have a fantastic gastronomic tour of Rome!

Rome Sushi Bar - Seafood Restaurant: Fish

Rating: very good.
Address: Via dè Serpenti, 16; ph. 06-47824962.
Specialities: "rigatoni alla gricia", "coratella coi carciofi".
Note: The sushi we prefer in Rome. Closed Mondays.

Rome Restaurant: Settembrini

Rating: very good Sardinian Restaurant.
Address: Via Settembrini, 25 ph. 06-3232617.
Specialities: "tortino di alici o di riso", "maialino al mirto".
Note: closed Sundays.

Rome Fish Restaurant: Reef

Rating: a nice place.
Address: Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 42; ph. 06-68301430.
Note: always open. Spanish Steps, take via Condotti, ahead on the right road (via Tomacelli).

Rome Natalizi

Rating: best red pizza cuts in the world.
Address: Via Salaria area, Via Po, 124.
Note: shopping hours.

Rome Trimani Wines

Rating: best enoteque of Rome (serves food too).
Address: Termini Station area, Via Goito, 20; ph. 06-4469661.
Note: till 11pm; closed Sundays.

Rome Giolitti

Rating: best fruit ice cream of Rome.
Address: Pantheon area, Via della Maddalena, 20.
Note: till 12pm.

Rome Sant'Eustachio

Rating: best coffee in town.
Address: Pantheon area, Piazza S. Eustachio.
Note: till 1am; 06-68802048.

Rome San Crispino

Rating: best meringa & hazelnut ice cream in Italy.
Address: Via Veneto/Barberini area, Via della Panetteria, 42.
Note: till 12am; closed Tuesdays.

Rome Quetzalcoatl

Rating: best chocolates in the world…
Address: Spanish Steps area, Via delle Carrozze, 26.
Note: shopping hours.

Rome Obika'

Rating: good!
Address: Pantheon area, Via dei Prefetti, 26; ph. 06-6832630.
Specialities: mozzarella bar
Note: brunch every Saturday and Sunday.

Rome Gusto

Rating: good!...
Address: half way Via del Corso area, Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 9.
Specialities: …for Sunday brunch.

Rome Vitti

Rating: best cassata siciliana of Rome.
Address: just cross Via del Corso, Piazza in Lucina.
Note: till 2am.

Rome Da Marcello

Rating: best filetti di baccalà (fish & NO chips!) in Rome.
Address: Campo dè Fiori area, Largo dè Librari, 88.
Note: no seating; from 17,30 till 22pm; closed Sundays.

Rome Bernasconi

Rating: best pastry shop in Rome.
Address: Campo dè Fiori area, Via dè Giubbonari, 16.

Rome Osteria, Wine Bar: Citta' Del Gusto

Rating: good
Address: Viale Marconi area / quite far away, Via Fermi, 161.
Specialities: food Academy.
Note: Saturday lunch, Sundays, Monday night …

Rome Chinese Tea-House - Gourmet Restaurant: Green

Rating: very good.
Address: Via di Piè di Marmo, 28; ph. 06-6798628.
Specialities: "raw fish", "beijing duck", "profiterolles".
Note: the only gourmet chinese in town. Closed Mondays.

Tea Room: Babington's

Rating: very good, very famous, nice place and good for lunchtime.
Address: Piazza di Spagna 23 (tel: 06 6786027); Spanish Steps, beside the steps, 140 meters.
Specialities: "negrino ", "ham muffins".
Note: serves breakfast/lunch/tea time - till 8 p.m. No other tea room like this one. Closed on Tuesday.

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