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Reopening of the Hertzian Library of the Max Plank Institute in Rome

Special offers available to celebrate the forthcoming reopening

Next autumn will finally see the Hertzian Library open its doors to the public once more. It belongs to the Max Plank German Society for Art History and it is housed in the magnificent Palazzo Zuccari in Via Sistina and Via Gregoriana, a short distance from Piazza di Spagna.

The reopening of this important institution has arrived after a long period of closure and building work, which for years was slowed down due to the numerous archaeological restoration and enlargement works carried out to recover finds situated there. It boasts a Republican age façade, with architecture and statues on its foundations that may have once belonged to the Lucullo Villa.

In the run up to the long awaited re-opening, Rome has organised 7 days of cultural events and exhibitions, from the 6.11.2012 to 30.3.2013. The Casa Howard Guest Houses in Sistina and Capo le Case, which are located very near to the Hertzian Library, are offering guests the chance to stay there for 7 nights for the price of 4, with the added option of acquiring a “Convenient ticket”, a fast-track ticket available for purchase granting access to the city’s exhibitions, near the hotel, while avoiding the queues.

The new Hertzian library, although situated in a beautiful and ancient building, will have a functional, modern structure and boast an avant-garde design, the result of a project lead by the Architect Juan Navarro Baldwe, making it a worthy vessel for the important collection it houses that spans over 277.000 volumes, along with a rich photographic library conserving over 900.000 photographs. The centre certainly constitutes the best documented collection of Ancient Italian art in the world, spanning up to the XX century.

The Plank institute has looked after this library since 1952, when it was reopened after the world conflict, and is renowned for the assignment of the Hanno and Ilse Hahn prizes to young Art Historians, and for the important technological and scientific research that operates here on a world level. Today it boasts the largest number of Nobel prizes assigned. It was founded in 1948 and dedicated to the scientist Max Plank, who died the previous year, and it carries the effigy of Minerva as its emblem, the goddess of wisdom.

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