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Affordable hotels in Rome Italy

Affordable hotels in Rome Italy are not easy to find, or better said they can be found, but their affodability has nothing to do with the real sense of affordability for hotels, which is "value for money".

Staying in our hotel is an affordable solution for your stay in Rome because we give a lot of value for an affordable rate: design, beauty, art in hotels, and proximity to the most beautiful roman attractions, such as the Trevi Fountain or the Via Condotti.

What else can you wish from affordable hotels in Rome, if not a good balance between quality and price, between quality of the hospitality, elegance and top-quality services joined with a price that is not going to ruin the rest of your holiday?

Book at Casa Howard Capo le Case or Sistina as your next accommodations in Rome, you will enjoy the charm and beauty of a unique hotel in Rome at an affordable rate.