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Hotels in Rome center

 Hotels in Rome center are the best option for your stay in Rome, to discover the beauty of the "Eternal city" while living in the very heart of it.

While staying in a hotel in Rome center, you willa void the most chaotic parts of town, and be at walking distance from all roman attractions, such as the art galleries, the imperial Forums, ancient Rome and the Vatican. Enjoy a walk downtown while discovering the city, loose yourself in Rome city center to find new conrers, new perpectives and jewels of Roman architecture and art history.

Our Rome city center hotel is also housed in one of the many aristocratic buildings of Rome, full of charming beauty and with a unique design that merges Roman architectural style and innovative hospitality concept. The guest house has actually been planned to welcome its guests as in a true house, a warm ambience with a charming athmosphere, a bed and breakfast designed to make you feel at home while discovering the beauty of the eternal city.