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Hotel Rome Spanish Steps

Staying in a hotel in Rome close to the Spanish Steps will alow you to breath Rome's art and beauty in the very center of Baroque's Rome, close to one of the most beautiful square in the world, attracting tourists from everywhere.

The Spanish Steps are just one piece of the magnificent Square of Trinità dei Monti, the Church that dominates the Square, the most important example of Baroque art, designed by one of the most important architects of the time, Pietro Bernini together with his son, the Gianlorenzo.

The Spanish Steps takes its name from the Spanish embassy, that has been standing here for years. At the right corner of the stairs stands the house of the English poet John Keats, who lived and died here in 1821, now converted into a museum dedicated to his memory and the one of his friend Percy Bysshe Shelley. At the left corner there is Babington's tea room, founded in 1893.