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Rome Hotels near Trevi Fountain

What's better than a stroll to the Trevi Fountain in Rome to understand the eternity of Rome's beauty? From Rome Hotels near Trevi Fountain you can appreciate the best of Baroque Rome in many corner, perspective and buildings, as well as, of course, in the great square of Trevi.

The best known and most persistent tradition says that throwing a coin into the fountain, turning away, is propitious for a return to the city. The origins of the tradition are unknown, but could derive from the ancient custom of throwing mites or small gifts to propitiate the local deities in the sacred sources, such as for wishing wells. The tradition is so widely known that they are very rare tourists, including foreigners, who are fleeing to the "ritual" of the coin toss.

The City of Rome has decided that all the coins retrieved (for amounts, however, always of some importance) are intended for Caritas Charity of Rome, so your wish could also be useful for someone else! Hotel near trevi fountain, book now on our web site! Choose one of our offers.