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Top 10 things to do in Rome

 Our gueet house is located in the very center of Rome and at walkign distance form the most important attractions of this great city. But what are the best things to do in Rome during a weekend, for example, or maybe a longer time to spend in Rome? 

1 - See the Trevi Fountain - at a few steps from our guest house, the Trevi Fountain is an icon of Roman beauty, art and magic. Throw a coin into the fountain and wish to come back to Rome

2 - Visit the Colosseum - the place of Roman ancient games, where Romans would spend their spare time is also an incredible buiding, witnessing the incredible capability of the Roman people to build beauty and magnificence since the very early times

3 - Visit the Roman Forum - walking across the ancient forums of Rome is a great experience for young and older people, giving everybody the chance to see live how developed was the Roman culture and civilization.

4 - See Vatican city and its Museums - the huge collection of works of art hosted in its museums and the Vatican State itself has a very long story to tell and will make you feel at the centr eof Christianity

5 - See the Pope on Sunday - The Pope greets everyone from its window and talks to people, in the very sugestive setting of Saint Peter's Square

6 - See the Spanish steps and Trinità dei Monti - Also very close to our hotel, The Spanish Steps and the whole Piazza di Spagna represents one of the most interesting exemple of Roman Baroque art style

7 - Have anice cream - Some of the most tasty, fresh and creamy ice creams of Italy are here in Rome, enjoy the thousands flavvours of this amazing dessert

8 - Shopping in the city center - Shops in Rome city center are glamorous and show in ther windows the best if Italian design and style

9 - Have dinner in Trastevere - a pictoresque and typical district, across the Tiber, where you can find some of the best roman restaurants and bars and where you can live roman night life

10 - Visit the many parks of Rome - Despite the many cars and the chaotic life style, Rome is one of the mot green cities in Europe,visti Villa Borghese or Villa Ada, former aristocratic roman villas surrounded with beauiful gardens