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Unique accommodations in Rome

A unique accommodation in Rome is the best way to live in such a unqie city as Rome is to leave you an unforgettable impression of the time spent in Rome for a long holiday or for a short stay.

What makes our accommodations in Rome unique is the design of each room and the fact that no other place to stay in Rome has its own style, achieved in years of research for quality, like our hotel.
The unique style of our accommodations is inspired by the British idea of Guest Houses, which are designed to welcome guests in a specially cosy and elegant ambience, with attention to detail and a full comforts. This is mixed with the most traditional hospitality quality of Italy and expecially of Rome and its unique accommodations.

For your stay in Rome, choose a unique accommodation Rome that will leave a fantastic memory of the eternal city, also for the beauty and uniqueness of its design.