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Eat, Pray, Loath

Although the book by the lovely Elizabeth Gilbert ( watch her inspiring TED talk here) has been a huge worldwide success, not to speak about the eponymous movie, many Italians will confirm that they are quite sick of that stereotypical image of Rome.

Yes, the town is all about food, hedonistic pleasure and lovely young men with long lashes, but aren’t we old enough to know that there is a darker current flowing underneath ? Wouldn’t you rather see that hardcore version than the edulcorated postcard-like Rome of Julia Roberts?

A movie that has had a great critical acclaim this year was La Grande Bellezza, The Great Beauty, by the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino. The movie has just been awarded the European Film Award for best movie and best leading actor ( Toni Servillo). Hopefully it will be nominated for an Oscar, and in the meantime you can catch it as it’s being released on DVD soon.

It will present you with a decadent and harrowing vision of the eternal city, the cynicism of Romans and the magic that the city still possesses despite the chaos and filth. Nobody does decadence as Romans do.

The indissoluble link that ties together the Vatican, our tragic and inadequate politicians, high society and pretentious contemporary art is examined and mocked in the breath-taking scenario of Rome.

Don’t miss this cinematic masterpiece !

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