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From Latvia with love...

While searching for new itineraries in Eastern Europe for some American Guests (who, let’s just say, modestly asked me for some advice believing me to be extremely well travelled – which, admittedly, I am not) I thought of the small Latvia, which is not only a beautiful country but one that houses a cultured, extremely courteous …. and in fact, let’s say “wholesome” population.

After carrying out a bit of research, I came across a web guide which was not only aesthetically pleasing, but was above all noticeably invigorated by the motivated and enthusiastic individuals it featured. It was from here that an inspired idea was born among us, and was one that truly appealed to me: to organize a ‘competition’ for the Latvian people! Their destination being CH Guesthouse in Rome.

After all, each and every one of us have, at one time or another, dreamt about receiving a mysterious, small envelope on Christmas Eve containing a mysterious surprise – bigger than any gift box could ever hold. Perhaps the time has come to dream once more.

So, jointly with our new friends (an internet magazine for ‘independent travellers’ – this specific detail particularly pleased us who always mention ‘smart travelling’) an amusing idea was conceived: to feature a small but sharp-witted quiz about the Eternal City (Rome).

Riga, in comparison, has been the capital of Latvia for 800 years, which is hardly a small amount of time. I said to my Guests that visiting Latvia could be scheduled for any time, because of the vibrant scenes of its four-season colour scheme – from its dazzling winter white to its marbled orange autumn. It is a country where medieval Hanseatic heritage correlates with the baroque and art nouveau buildings, while its contemporary world still reveals a number of marks left by the Soviet era. Being Riga in front of Stockholm – just across the sea – makes the trip even more convenient and in fact… more interesting (hopping backwards and forwards, to and from the old border). Part of this competition includes seeing the future winner, whose knowledge has been the most impressive, experience a journey to Rome and receiving the most welcoming accommodation at Casa Howard (“your home away from home” as featured on the CH website).

Therefore for the next three weeks, starting from the 28th November, we will assist in a ‘contest’ between CH potential future Guests, who will have to answer the questions posted on’s contest section “Discover Rome.”

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