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11.11.11 night in Berlin

For his birthday and for the launch of his tenth fabulous artistic calendar* our friend and winemaker Generoso Di Meo has invited myself and another 1500 Guests to Berlin on the 11.11.11 (which technically speaking is a ‘palindrome’**), at the downtown Templehof Airport*** which was made available for his ‘thirties theme’ event.Obviously there were some Italian VIPs along with fab food and wine prepared by the star chef La Mantia, as well as intensive gossiping and dancing. Somewhere between a huge private party and a commercial event, hosted in a location that was half reserved and half open to the public, with guests that were half ‘cafè society’ and half fashion addicts, I admit that I was just… half impressed! Here are a couple of considerations:– while Berlin is a town worth visiting for its arts and culture, the other half of the story is its party scene that has to be included – therefore if you ever have anything to celebrate, think of Berlin as a perspective location!
– this is a town for the young in the hearth of Europe, easy to live in, dynamic and eclectic. Let’s send our children there : we could learn a lot from these courageous people who aim towards the future.
So, if you ever go to Berlin and don’t want to waste the night… I suggest you to visit (take care, some of these places are … really wild!); if you want to be updated on the right lifestyle, events and more, definitely visit And as for food…? Enjoy a true, outstanding Italian lunch or dinner at La Muntagnola (tell Pino I sent you...)

* – This year’s calendar has been edited by Angelo Bucarelli** a ‘palindrome’ is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction, in this case we have a calendar date running not more often that every 100 years..

*** The Templehofairport or Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof – designated as an airport by the German Ministry of Transport in 1923 and closed now since 2008, it was one of Europe’s three iconic pre-World War II airports ( the others being London’s now defunct Croydon Airport and the old Paris – Le Bourget).

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