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We would like to show you some Guest House reviews from people who stayed in our structure. Let their opinion give you an idea of what you might expect from our particular idea of hospitality.

It of utmost importance for us to read our guests’ comments in order to better understand which parts of our activities we can improve. Because of this reason, we would like you to let us know directly any demand or question you may have, so that we can immediately find and solve any problem and making sure that you enjoy the best possible stay.

Our staff is polite and punctual, always ready to assist you in fulfilling your wishes.

Casa Howard Guest House, we are unique. Just like you are.

If you have ever been a guest of Casa Howard and wish to write a review of your sojourn, please go to Trip Advisor or Google Plus.


If you wish to read some reviews about Casa Howard, you can always find them on Trip Advisor, although please notice the following: as you probably know already, Trip Advisor allows users to publish anonymous contents, yet it does not allow us to reply in case of negative reviews. In any case, you will read only sincere opinions that have not been influenced by us in any way.


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