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Guest House fake reviews, we reply when we can

Guest House fake reviews? If the title has intrigued you, please bear in mind that it is only a note from our part after the experiences we had in Rome and Florence.
It is not surprising that people may post reviews in sites such as Trip Advisor and others without having to give proof of their real names in their profile, thus spawning anonymous negative reviews. In 99% of these, our staff finds false negative reviews written as a retaliation for unjustified requests for upgrades or discounts that have not been granted.

Ever since january 2014 we have chosen to publish in our website and all the reviews that we have not been able to reply to. In any case, we ask for our guests to comply with Casa Howard’s three simple rules:
1. To behave properly with our staff and the structure in general
2. Please let us know in time regarding complaints or questions to our email address
3. Do not send unsigned complaints.

We ask for the right to know before everybody else what problem you may have in order to solve it in a timely manner.
asa Howard, we are unique. Just like you are.

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Casa Howard is a Guest House perfectly representing the soul of Rome and Florence, this is why we love to tell everything we discovered about the places we live in. Follow our Blog, because we are unique. Just like you are.