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Guest House Florence

How to reach our Guest house Florence, the exclusivity of Casa Howard

Via della Scala, 18 - 50123 Florence
Tel: +39 06 69924555 - Mob. +39 347 2666106 - Fax +39 06 6794644

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How to reach us

How to reach our Guest House in Florence? It is quite simple. Follow our indications and regardless of which means of transportation you use, you will arrive to Casa Howard in no time.

If you're traveling along the A1 Highway (either Milan-Rome or vice versa): take the Firenze Sud exit if you are going northbound, or the Firenze Nord junction if you are going southbound.

1) Follow the indications that lead to downtown (written as centro) and the S.M.Novella Stazione Railway Station (these signs are everywhere) regardless of the junction you come from (even the one of Firenze Impruneta in case you come from West).

2) Go along the “Viali” (a sort of inner ringway that encircles the city starting at the Arno river): go into the Limited Traffic Area (ZTL) that leads to the Santa Maria Novella Rail Station.

3) If you find the station's square on your left, go forward along the traffic roads and the roundabout, follow the main road to pass ahead the train station on your right and keep going. Once you are by the traffic light you can turn only right or left: turn left. You will be in Via della Scala, at the start of the Limited Traffic Area.

4) If the Railway Station is on your right, keep driving until you arrive to the traffic light. You can turn only right or left: turn left. You will be in Via della Scala, at the start of the Limited Traffic Area.

5) Casa Howard is located about 50 meters into Via della Scala, on the left side in front of Bar Sandra & Claudio.

6) After leaving your luggage, remember to park your car in the garage, which will take care of the corresponding fees of the ticket you will receive upon entry to the Limited Traffic Area. We recommend a venue called Garage Internazionale, 150 meters away from our structure, you can ask our staff to either give you indications to reach it or guide you there.


We are not able to block or cancel car fines/tickets, this duty is performed by authorized Garages only e.g. the suggested International Garage, within 1 hour from entering the restricted area. Please ask our House Keepers how to reach it.
We suggest you to park inside there and ask them to deal with this issue.