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Florence… beach?! Did you know Florence is very close to some of the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany? It’s not a dream, just choose your best beach among the various we recommend and spend a day of your journey in a romantic seaside town. If you love the sea and the waves, just book the perfect location to sleep in your holidays in Tuscany: Camel Room, for a vibrant stay of exotic emotions in downtown Florence, excellent for travelers dreaming about oasis and fabulous places.

If you are looking for a relaxing spot with a warm atmosphere, without having to travel, explore the Florence beach on the Arno (“Easy Living”, Lungarno Serristori | Piazza Poggi, 335 663 0341), which offers the possibility of a peaceful afternoon lying under an umbrella, admiring the breathtaking view of the Renaissance’s buildings skyline. They also serve food and cocktails (there are a kiosk and a restaurant).

If you want to dive into the waters of the Thyrrenian Sea, head to one of the best Tuscany beach: reach by train (from Santa Maria Novella Railway Station) the blue area of ​​Quercianella (about an hour and a half away from Florence, many trains available), where the water is clear and the seabed is ideal for practice snorkeling.

Two refined beach towns near Florence are Forte dei Marmi (three hours by train, one hour and three quarters traveling by car) and Marina di Pietrasanta (more than two hours by train, just over an hour by car ). The first one has always been the destination for luxury stays, while the second is named the “Little Athens” thanks to the large amount of contemporary sculptors who live or have lived and work here, such as Folon, Mitoraj, Botero and Pietro Cascella. The small city is also fascinating, offering fascinating glimpses and an evocating mix of present and medieval past.

Another sea site near Florence is Castiglioncello, enjoy one of the numerous traditional fun festivals (such as the Fish Festival taking place in June) and reserve the boat trips, to fish and then eat the fishes cooked by a chef (try El Faro, Viale della Vittoria 70, Marina di Cecina, 0586 620164).

One of the most popular “Florence beach” is San Vincenzo (with the nearby Populonia and Baratti, probably the most enticing gulf of Tuscany), which involves about two hours of travel by train (slightly less if you choose to hire a car). Close to the seaside you’ll find several pine forests (Via della Principessa, San Vincenzo), and also many archaeological Etruscan’s sites.

If you are looking for a dog beach, you can go to Castagneto Carducci (Il Seggio beach, Via del seggio, Castagneto Carducci), or to Livorno, at the beach Cabianca (Viale di Antignano, 129).
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