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Isabella Leonardi detta LA LEONARDA

A concert was held in the in the small, gorgeous church of Santa Maria dell’Orto, in Trastevere – designed by Guidetto Guidetti a brilliant Michelangelo’s student – by the Orchestra of the Cappella Strumentale del Duomo di Novara.

This has been the first performance in centuries of the Messa Terza Opera XVIII by Isabella Leonardi – best known as LA LEONARDA, a nun composer born in 1620 and, by chance, an ancestor of our family. Isabella lived over 80 years, and is considered the most prolific woman composer of all the times.

Now, Paolo Monticelli, the Director of the small but fabulous Orchestra has arranged some of her music in such a modern way that even listening to sacred music is a real pleasure.

I highly recommend to visit this Church that with its stunning golden plasters, and not only, is a real gem off the beaten truck. Casa Howard can arrange private visits.


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