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Ai Fienaroli (restaurant in Rome) Bravi, bravi!

Kindness, efficency and comfort are just one of the ingredients: some of their original dishes are so likable that Fienaroli gets into ‘my 100 best in the world’ – please consider I go and eat to quality-to-value places, attending expensive ones only when... invited.

Both Seafood dishes, raw or cooked, and all the others are season drove. Great quality, masters in blending flavours and ingredients.

A personal favourite is Ravioli broccoli e gamberi (broccoli and prawns, filling) and mushrooms and vongole (small clams, outside) as you can see in my own photograph.

The Millefoglie (not a dessert) is marvellous. Many other inventive dishes.

Beef filet, which is kind of a meet I disregard, when seasoned with pecorino romano (local sheep cheese, a main ingredient in La Carbonara, La Amatriciana and all the roman pasta’s) and erba cipollina/chives becomes interesting.

Behind Via Veneto

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