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PIETRO PASOLINI, Portraits of the world

Following the decision of Casa Howard to sponsor, encourage and host young Artists and Artisans, we are today delighted to introduce the exhibition of the images of Pietro Pasolini (visit here his personal website and here his Facebook page) which will be opened on next Thursday the 4th of December at Galleria RossoCinabro (Via Cadorna, 28 – Rome).
The exhibition, in the frame of the Rome International Festival who decided to dedicate this year’s exhibition to photographic portraits at the M.A.C.R.O (Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Roma), is the outcome of many years of traveling and shooting, and wholly illustrates the artistic journey that the young Pasolini has undertaken from an early age.

Inspired by photographers such as Jimmy Nelson and Steve McCurry, Pietro choose to focus primarily on portrait photography, with the aim of immortalizing the faces of those who inhabit remote and secluded areas.

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