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Maria’s (Poggi Cavalletti) Portraits In Motion exhibition at home

Today we have invited friends and Guests at CH Florence for a private and more intimate view of Maria Poggi portraits, because I wanted them exhibited in a more intimate and warm atmosphere than as previously seen at the Tri-Mission Art Gallery, the US Embassy in Italy.

A friend of us, Maria is half bolognese (from Bologna) and half american coming from a family with strong American roots. As a portraitist, her aim is to convey an impression of a fleeting moment in time, to preserve it. Her portraits are full-size figures in motion rendered in oil. In each of her portraits, Maria seeks to capture the essence of her subject e.g. look at the champion Giulia Martinengo Marquet with her famous mare, Athletica. Her technique is influenced by what she represents, Maria told me: “Technique is what sets a painting in context.” Personally, I think a portrait must also be of value for the family, and for such a reason I asked Maria to make a portrait of Jenifer from a photograph I like a lot.

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