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Paris is well worth a glove!

I had a moment over on my trip to Paris and went visiting Thomasine in the Marais. She was preparing her atelier with the new amazing collection that is made for both women and men.
Thomasine designs and produces a whole range of gloves for a modern and contemporary traveller, and as we at Casa Howard keeps more than an eye to comfort, elegance and also to luxury details – we hope that our guests will also discover these treasure gloves on your travels.There are swirling cuffs, twisted edges, glitter camouflage, Icelandic salmon and much much more – a must to see and to try for real. Gloves that come alive when they are worn!

Autumn is today and Paris Fashion Week is very close. If you are in Paris or will be going in the soon future, you can make a private appointment withThomasine for a visit to her atelier at 32 rue Saint Paul in the Marais.

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