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Legal marijuana? For our Guests only

Should legalization come to Italy, CH will as usual spearhead the way, and offer a “welcome spliff” to our beloved Guests. According to regulations, obviously! We will offer high quality, bio, homegrown, first class crops. We are ready to pay taxes to the government.

Of course, we will not accept ‘cognitive impaired Guests’, and visibly or acknowledged dependent individuals. Our aim is just to see more people get high, more often! thus contributing to the replacement of alcohol consumption and to the trafficking by camorristi of all kinds.

Our seeds will be grown at zero kilometers – as we do with our wonderful flowers – in our garden (in a sun powered aeroponic plant). It will not be for sale, but offered on a complimentary basis. Our sativa seeds will be secretly cross-breeded and blended, as we have done with roses and peonies for years: and For Our Guests Only.

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